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Wild Cosmos is a story-driven creative studio based in Malmö, Sweden. 


Storytelling ✽ Campaign Production ✽ Art Direction ✽ Graphic Design ✽ Publications and Ebooks ✽ Web Design ✽ Brand Identity ✽ Illustrations ✽ Film Editing ✽ Marketing ✽ Brand Strategy ✽ Events ✽ Community Building ✽ Partnerships 


The name Wild Cosmos studio is deeply rooted in nature. Like flowers which emerge through cracks in the concrete, we are passionate about being innovative, finding new ways of doing things, and making the world around us a little more colourful. We cherish the idea that nature and ideas can always grow in unexpected places and at any time.

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Storytelling changes everything. Tell a story in the wrong way and people won’t connect with it or see the true potential of what you’re trying to convey. Tell a story right and the audience will get personally invested and engage with it.

Every story has potential. But a lot of stories are not being told in the best way that they could. At Wild Cosmos, we start our process with truly understanding and getting to the heart of the story. And then we find a way to tell that story in the best way possible.

In a world that’s rapidly changing, sometimes different approaches or new twists on old ideas can be exactly what’s needed to create something incredible. Every product, idea, or story is unique and deserves a unique approach in finding the best way to share it with others.

We look forward to hearing your story and bringing it to life.

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