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Brand Strategy and Communication Design

For the 10th Anniversary of STPLN, we have been asked to do a campaign to brand the new Jubilee Scholarship. We decided to create a nostalgia campaign with the slogan Then & Now, Ten years and more, and Create with us. In times of crisis, like Covid-19, we would like people to have a nostalgic feeling about STPLN and remember all the good things that have happened and the things that are yet to come.

We chose this strategy to embrace STPLN’s history and say thank you to the people who have helped build up STPLN. We also wanted to invite new people in with open arms. Wild Cosmos prefers to work sustainably with respect for reuse and minimizing our co2 usage. We decided to go to STPLN’s archive to reuse old photographs, graphics, and video material in new ways – this, of course, fitted well with our theme. Visually and the mood for the campaign is very light, cozy, and full of colors. Strongly inspired by the poster and visuals from the 70’s we aim to create a vibrant vibe.

Our campaign consists of 9 videos, several motion graphics, 3 posters that are being hung up all over Malmö, STPLN postcards that we will hand out to different cafes around Skåne, and an interactive postcard exhibition at STPLN.

Project: Jubilee Scholarship
Client: STPLN
Year: 2020-2021
Keywords: Art Direction, Branding, Identity, Print, Social Media, Copywritting