Visual Identity

From 2022, STPLN will offer a selected group of cultural creatives the opportunity to become part of STPLN: LAB - a creative incubator and residency.Wild Cosmos have created the Visual Identity, Photography and Videos for STPLN: LAB and will continue supporting the look and feel of the project creatively as it evolves.

Visually, we were inspired by circular shapes and organic, friendly colours because they represent partnership, community, friendship, and unity, which are qualities this new incubator will embody.
We want the talented creatives to feel welcome to the Lab with whatever unique knowledge and skills they possess. The Lab will create an environment where they learn new skills to run a healthy business which is sustainable long-term. 

STPLN: LAB gives creatives who are often alone in their business a fixed office, an opportunity to become part of a network, and entrepreneurial skills so they can become more robust in their business.

Read more about STPLN: LAB here

Project: STPLN:LAB
Client: STPLN
Year: 2022
Photography: Daniela Doe
Keywords: Art Direction, Branding, Identity, Editorial Design, Social Media, Copywritting