Sandra van Draat


I am a Dutch Danish woman who grew up north of Elsinore but today my home is in Lyngby, where I live close to the woods, the sea, rivers and luckily only a short distance from Copenhagen. When I am not in Lyngby, you will probably find me in one of my pseudo homes in Rotterdam, Malmö or Brighton.

I honor staying in the idea and development phase until I/we have the idea and a clear and impactful story. I find prioritizing the right idea and finding the correct platforms early on makes the production and post-production much more smooth and precise. It is also easier for my team and I to be in sync when we have precicely defined our tone of voice and key messages.

Jazz is important to me when I'm working. The genre has different tempos, twists, and solos. Most of my stories are inspired by the composition of great Jazz tunes.

Favourite flower ✽ I don't have a favorite flower. I love all flowers. I am so fortunate to have an allotment garden where I grow my flowers. Typically, the flowers that I tend to appreciate the most are ones that surprisingly emerge from weeds. Weeds are often a significant burden to garden owners. However, weeds can still be beautiful and I aim to grow a bit more of a wild garden that is not classically pretty but alive and healthy for biodiversity and bees. 

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Daniela Doe


I am originally from Portugal. A home is where the garden and orange trees are for me. A place where truth does not need to be absolute because I'm a dreamer.

My mom told me that when I was younger, I always used to play by myself. Whispering my thoughts while performing out the many scenarios from my imagination. I had many conversations, performances, and reflections in my little world.

Since that time, I realized my hands were my favorite tool to create whatever I needed for my small plays. I used to build small toys, sew tiny costumes for my dolls, and created interior props. Working with my hands is something I continued through school, university, and now in my working life, where I like to mix it with digital media.

Favourite flower ✽ My father is a gardener and he always taught me about plants and flowers - one of the biggest influences and inspirations for my work. My favorite flower is the Bird Of Paradise and my father always brings me one when he finds it.

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Sorrel Salb


Having lived in several countries growing up and with my family spread across the world, home for me is more about people than one specific place. Home is comfort and familiarity. It is about feeling safe, supported, and joyous. Quite a few cities now feel like home to me. There are even some places I’ve never lived but have visited regularly which have a homely feeling. Home is something that feels familiar and that you look forward to going back to.

I like working with people - bouncing ever more creative ideas off of each other in a flow state until you come up with something really cool. At other times I like working alone, either in complete silence or with some good music to get me completely in the zone. I like to always be learning something and growing in some form when I work. Doing the same thing for too long can feel boring to me. When I work with other people, I feel like the best work arises from situations with flat hierarchies where everyone's ideas are valued. I am fascinated by culture and the way humans and society work. When new trends start emerging, I like to dive into them early and see if there’s elements I can work and experiment with in some form. I enjoy making people feel something when they come in contact with my work and am interested in exploring human truths that connect us all.

Favourite flower ✽ Icelandic Poppies and Shirley Double Poppies - all the poppies that are curly and aesthetic.

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